The Indexing Society of Canada (ISC) is full of helpful resources, not to mention some pretty neat people. I knew I had found my tribe when I joined my first virtual meeting and saw how many other members showed up with knitting needles in their hands.  

During the last meeting, one ISC member mentioned that she was part of a CINDEX study group. CINDEX, if you don’t know, is an indexing software program and, at this moment anyway, the only one that provides a version for Mac. My ears perked up at “study group” and I asked more about it. The group was working through one chapter of the manual at a time and discovering all the ins and outs of CINDEX. Brilliant! The group, as it turns out, was also almost finished all of the chapters.

Well, it didn’t take long for four other indexers to show some interest in honing their CINDEX skills. By the end of the day we had decided to start own study group, booked our first meeting, and agreed on the first assignment: read chapter one and come ready to discuss and learn. We begin on January 30th.